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Copper Owl - Repousee and Chasing

Soapstone Ow on Wooden Base

Original carvings in soapstone
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Limited edition owls in bronze
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A copper chasing/repousee

Dinner at the Hard Rock, a soapstone sculpture by Clarence P. Cameron

BIG NOTE: In July, after spending almost eight weeks in various hospitals, I was sent to the University of Wisconsin Rehabilitation Center. In ten days, they released me to my home, feeling that I could adequately walk with a walker and sustain a lifestyle, limited but progressing. To make a long story short, it is now July 30. The cancer has not advanced and, as of July 31, I will be undergoing immunotherapy, where my antibodies are strengthened with the drug Keytruda to fight my cancer. Let's cross our fingers that this will put the cancer under control and I won't have to go to the next treatment, chemotherapy. Since I can't do stairs yet, sadly, my sales will be very limited until August 15.
UPDATE: It's November and snowy, here. We had a record 15.1" of snow in October while we usually have 1.1" in the month. That is depressing! As for me, I can walk most easily with a cane and still feel comfortable using a walker, at times. I had 5 rounds of radiation for my stealth lung cancer (not in my lungs, but elsewhere) and have been receiving infusions of Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug that works with one's own immune system. So far, it has resulted in no new cancer sites and a reduction in the size of any metastasis. We will hope it keeps doing so! I regret to say that I have not carved since April, BUT I do hope to get back to it soon. I will announce any new owls, here. Also, due to increased costs, my pewter owl prices will be raised, slightly, on January 1, 2020. Thank you for your patience.

Two Note: At times, some of my larger soapstone owls are available in the Museum Store of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, 227 State Street. Smaller soapstone owls, plus pewter owls and copper repoussé owls can be found at Artsy Studio, 1029 Highway 42, Ephraim, Wisconsin, in beautiful Door County.
A pewter piece, 3 Owls, by Clarence P. Cameron
Another Pewter Owl by Clarence
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