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Soapstone Owl

Copper Owl - Repousee and Chasing

Soapstone Ow on Wooden Base

Original carvings in soapstone
Logo - Signature Member of The Society of Animal Artists

Limited edition owls in bronze
Unique miniatures in pewter
One-of-a-kind, framed copper relief


A copper chasing/repousee

Dinner at the Hard Rock, a soapstone sculpture by Clarence P. Cameron

GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS: On November 14-15, I did my last art fair, FOREVER, here in Madison. For me, the Good News is that I sold a lot of owls. For you, that limits your choices, but there are still many very nice ones available. The important thing is this: To make it easier for you, I have moved all the current owls for sale on pages Soapstone-3 and Soapstone-4 to Soapstone-1 and Soapstone-2. You may still look at the owls on pages 3 and 4 but, if you click to see the larger images, then click to go back, you will be returned to pages 1 or 2 instead of 3 or 4. I try very hard to keep track of all sales, but there is always a chance I will miss one, and it will no longer be available. My apologies. After the first of the year, I should have more time to carve, as I will be giving up my committments (or most of them) to the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc, a tax exempt, non-profit I founded in 1982, and its two art fairs.

A pewter piece, 3 Owls, by Clarence P. Cameron
Another Pewter Owl by Clarence
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